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Explaining the core gameplay loop of Blasted Road Terror and answering question what is this game about.

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Hello everyone! With rushed project announcement and greenlight campaing there is a lot to catch up and give some answers about gameplay elements of the game. Today, we will have a look at core gameplay loop and what is this game going to be about.

Explaining the gameplay loop

Core of the game is about upgrading your base to the state when it can support your adventures beyond mapped teritories and finishing all the storyline missions. But getting base to that condition will cost you a lot of materials. You can upgrade almost every aspect of it that involves your road trips in one way or another. Starting with simple garage stands to store more vehicles, upgrading item shop, weaponsmiths workshop(item enhancements), saloon where you can hire heroes which come with special vehicles and even more. What do we need to upgrade our base?

You guessed right, materials are obtained by running missions. But to run a succesfful mission you ll need vehicles.

You will always have your main vehicle aviable, no matter what. That and your base are two tings you will never have to worry about. While your main truck is powerfull tool, it mostly perform support role and cant handle missions on its own and you ll need someone to be the hammer of your intentions.
When starting new game, you are given the hedgehog intrceptor equpied by furious spearthrower, devastator marauder carrying second spearthrower and rusty 50cal machinegun and some cash to start your adventure with.


Is that enought to run your first mission? Well, yes you can make your first wasteland run succesffuly with that, however most of the players will investigate their options first. They can spend some cash on additional vehicle and weapon for it. Some may decide to upgrade the vehicles the allready have and make things even easier by visiting local saloon and hire one of the drunkards from here for the promise of reward share after the mission.

Choosing first mission

Now as you have your crew ready it is time to start your first mission. At the begining there are three mission types aviable: survival/escort/assasination. We will talk about mission types and how they differ from each other in separate announcement, but everything you have to know right now is that these are short missions, they each consist of one encounter and they reward you scrap(main currency) and some building materials to upgrade your base.


Every few days comes oportunity to go on the long patrol and it consists of multiple encounters and you have to stock on supplies in case you ll need to perform field repairs, your crew will need some refreshment and you will have to stock on fuel as well in case you will want to take a detour for whatever reason. Unfortunately your main vehicle can carry limited ammount of these as its probably allready more than half full, carrying ammo for your arsenal and sometimes it might be good idea to sacrifice bit of your firepower leaving your missile launchers at home to fill the space with extra supplies instead of weighty missiles.
In return for your effort, patrol missions rewards you with rare items and materials you will collect during it.

Closing the loop

And thats our loop! Once you return from the mission you perform mainetance on your vehicles, check for possible upgrades, spend talent points if you gained enought experience to level up, or upgrade your base if you have enought materials to do so.

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Thats it for today, hope this answered some of the questions about the game and we ll have a more detailed look at each of the gameplay elements in following days.

If this is first time you noticed this game please consider casting a "YES" vote for it at its steam greenlight page:

Thanks for your support!


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