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About some game details, new enemies in development.

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Hi, today I will tell about some game details. PAY ATTENTION that these features have no final appearance, in the course of development they will be improved.

1. First of all I will tell about the combine soldier with a shield. (I have not yet started work on the external view of a soldier, so it looks like metropolice)

Shield is able to kill anyone, who touch him. Shield are bulletproof, but to disable him you need to destroy the 4 mini-generators around. While the shield works - the soldier is impregnable.

2. Modified headcrab of alliance, which carries electro-explosive.
This explosive is activated right after headcrab-carrier death. The explosive applies electro-blows on distance of 300 m within 4 seconds.

3. For certain you have noticed that when a player take damage from electrical shock - armor is charged. The main character uses an unusual kevlar vest which is loaded from similar electric blows.

It is one of gameplay features which I want to realize adequately.


Those mechanics look amazing. Great progress!

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yesss, new enemies! keep it up!

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