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A summary of Gameplay features for Xeno Time Inception.

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You need to save the world from disruption and total disaster. To do so you’ll have to discover the truth, close temporal portals and save different personalities and thus put back in place the course of time.

Character Skills

  • Run
  • Jump
  • Double Jump
  • Slide
  • Wall Run
  • Get back in Time
  • Slow Time
  • Stop Time
  • Elemental Control: Fire, Water, Lightning, Universal

Other Features

  • Double Weapon

You start the game with two guns which you can upgrade and customize as you like. Unlock new weapon add-ons while playing the game.

  • Time Traveling

Be careful! Time is not stable. Travel through time to discover how to save the world from being destroyed. Every action is mandatory as you might be stuck in a Time Loop forever due to a bad decision.

  • Time Interaction

Time is like a human being. It’s a life and breakable! Change the future, by modifying the past to discover who’s behind the catastrophe and how to stop it! Some bad actions might destroy the future or change it in a way you didn’t expect or want.

  • Weapon crafting, upgrades and customization

Arm yourself with a fully-customizable gun, ranging from classic shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and rockets to super-powered futuristic firearms. Feel the experience of changing scopes at every situation, for close combat, mid-range, or sniping and depending on the type of enemy you need to deal with.

gun colorgun color 2

weapon addons

  • UI Color Customization

Customize the user interface of your inventory.

UI 7

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