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An example of gameplay in Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames.

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Having received several questions in regards to play through, we wanted to give you guys an update video that demonstrates exactly what happens during a game.

In this video, we are explaining some key elements of the HUD, how items can really be a game changer, and we show off some of our favorite units (Exorcist, Hunter and Paladin).

The HUD was designed to take as little real estate as possible on the screen. We love showing off the environments as well as the massive fights. The top right section is responsible for key game play elements (time between spawns, troop limit, bank and income). The bottom right section is a menu that contains all the troops you have available for hiring, each unit has a cost associated with them as well as an income value that gets added to your base income. The bottom element in the middle, contains all the information about a unit that you have selected, including any of the items they have equipped on them. In the middle of the screen you will have the upgrade menu, here is where you will see a units base stats, see all items you currently have in your inventory, as well as the ability to equip items to your units.

In this scenario the attacking waves of enemies have the upper hand on me, spawning a lot of exorcists and hunters to really cause me grief. The best way to deal with groups of units is the almighty Paladin. Unfortunately, his hefty price tag leaves me open for quite a while before I can get him out. Not just that, but if I had saved money for Paladin alone, they would have easily amassed enough of an army around my base for one paladin to be insignificant and dead upon arrival. Because of this, I've hired a couple of Exorcists early on, not only to start slowing down my enemies, but also start building up my income. Shortly after, I got my own Hunter out so that I may at least peg the weak ones off. This strategy was not buying me enough time, and the enemy plowed it's way through my defenses. At this point in time, I equipped my exorcists with the most powerful defence item at my disposal, a QL10 Armorband. Doing this, transformed my Exorcist into a defence system, soaking up damage and not going down. Now it was easy for me to get a Paladin and completely dominate the battlefield.

We have also updated our project on Steam Greenlight with discussions pertaining to gameplay, single player and multi player campaigns.

Feel free to ask us any questions either here or, on our steam page below.

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