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For those who are interested in playing my game. Here is a gameplay description.

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For those who are interested in playing my game. Here is a gameplay description:

You start the game by creating a new finit landscape which you can explore. When the world is created you start in a safe zone of 128 m where there are no monsters. The most important thing is to construct a weapon so that you can explore the rest of the map. This is usually done by creating a stick. For this you need to cut down a tree and use the wood to construct a stick.

The next thing is to construct a construction table which allows you to create a lot of items. But to create a shelter or a house you need additional resources. These can be found elsewhere in the landscape or underground.

The game has also RPG elements. By digging or killing monsters you can gain experience points. These can then be invested in abilities. For example you can increase your strength or learn better building abilities. When you start you can only place 1m x 1m x 1m blocks. When you have invested in abilities you can also use smaller blocks.

As your carrying weight is limited you will need to craft boxes, chests to store your goods. If you want to dig faster you can create better tools. It's also possible to create a plant farm because if you cut down a plant you will get seeds which allows you to grow new plants.

The technological level is also important (increased by learning points). If it is high enough you can create a 3D printer. With this you can create a pistole (the most powerful weapon in the game) or electric wires which allow you to create complex mechanisms.

So to finalise my article:

- You need resources to build something and (in a later version) to be safe.

- To get these resources you need to explore the landscape or the dungeons.

I also plan to expand the game so that there are cities or towns to explore in a later version. My aim is to go into the direction of a RPG with the ability to change the landscape (but not in towns. They will be locked). So the player will get quests from NPC's and has to executed them.

StaudSoft's Synthetic World
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