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A brief recording of the tablet player's view showing how they try to track down the VR player and ultimately find them pretty quickly after they tripped a laser.

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Museum Thief Gameplay Recording

This page is pretty light on details, so what better way is there to explain a game than to show you a recording?


A feature I hadn't yet talked about is replays. At the end of the video you can see a sped up run through of the game that just took place. The idea is to allow the tablet and VR play to watch a replay of their game showing the path the VR player took through the level at the same time as the CCTV changes and laser placements that the tablet player made.

What's next?
From here there's plenty to be done, especially on the visual side. I will, in time, completely change the UI to include the latest Unity GUI system (the current OnGUI system is ugly, I know). The game also needs a complete set of assets created. Currently almost everything is made out of simple shapes, except for the stick-men characters and Unity CCTV camera.

You can help!
Testing so far has been done by just a few participants, and my access to the company Gear VR is limited as I don't own one myself. If anyone out there has a Gear VR and wants to test builds of my game don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I potentially will also be look for an artist / modeler to create assets for the final game, so, again, get in touch.

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