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A summary on the mod's progress including units, and gameplay features.

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Hey everyone since there haven't been any news updates in awhile I thought I should let you guys know what's been happening with the mod. Well first i've up with the Old Empire at War mod so we will be helping each other out where we need help.
As for gameplay i've changed a few things:
-Infantry is now less accurate according to whether it's basic or advanced infantry, no more basic infantry being sharpshooters.
-Also starfighters no longer do as much damage to frigates, capital ships, and space stations. That means you aren't going to be able to just use swarms of fighters to win a battle.
-And a whole lot more!

As for units, well...
-Added Mandalorian Gladiators for the Mandalorians
-Hastati Soldiers for the Republic (Light infantry, cheaper than troopers, but also less accurate and less armor)
-Tu'kata Packs for the Empire, available on Korriban
-Hex Droid Repair ships for the Empire
-Assault Tanks for certain Sub-Factions
-Indigenous Militia from certain planets for the Republic
-Also notable Flagships for all factions that add huge bonuses in space battles
-Thunderclap Gunships in GC for the Republic

I've also added a few other things such as improved, VERY aggressive AI for the Sub-Factions. As well as playable factions can now noly build Frigates and Capital Ships at worlds that have the appropriate Shipyards. Many planets can build Frigate Shipyards, and only a handful can build Capital Shipyards, with only two or three able to build both. So you're going to fighting for those planets alot more. Also on one final note, i'm in need of a dedicated mapper for ground maps in GC so if anyone can help please PM me, Thanks.

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Sorry for the typo's my keyboard was freaking out when I wrote it.

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Sounds good. Thanks for the update.

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One step closer to victory!

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Im dying for an update!

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