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The time has come, detectives! You can download the latest patch for Gamedec, and enjoy new content right as we speak! The Definitive Edition update is FREE for everyone who already owns the game! ❤️

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Check out the trailer! 🔥

Explore the virtual worlds once again! Gamedec – Definitive Edition brings a fresh look to the current-existing cases! First, players can immerse themselves in the world based on Seven: The Days Long Gone, the game released in 2017 by Fool’s Theory and IMGN.PRO. The case is completely readable to those who played neither of these games thus offer a mouthful of additional flavor to those who did. Expect the brand new virtualium and even more challenging NPCs.

Additionally, fans of the Cthulhu mood can take on a new twist in one of the current-existing cases. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

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That's not all! Below you'll find the more specific change list:


  • New fully voice-overed cutscenes: epilogues for each decision at the end of the game
  • New sidequest on the Like Father Like Son along with the brand new NPC: Clown
  • New sub-level on the Like Father Like Son case
  • Voice overs s for the new NPC on Like Father Like Son
  • New game difficulty: True Detective Mode
  • New Main Menu music theme
  • Bugfixing and optimization across all content
  • New language available: Japanese

Seven Daemons

  • A whole new case in a new Virtualium, which contains over 30 quests
  • New playable character: Ken Zhou
  • Partial voiceovers for the 24 NPCs
  • Two characters made in collaboration with our Backers: Dungeongeek and Ryan
  • Five characters from Seven: The Days Long Gone game lore
  • A few new minigames

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We have a bundle of four skins available for free! Unfortunately, due to technical issues, there will be a slight delay in the bundle release, but we're working with Valve to deliver it to you as soon as possible🕵️


We have one more important information for you. Post-launch support for Gamedec will continue until the end of October 2022; after that, we plan to focus on other projects. Of course, we still encourage you to report any issues through our social media channels and Discord server - we are going to work on any issues up until this point.

Hop into the game and enjoy the new content; don't forget to share your feedback with us through our social media channels and Discord server!


Team Gamedec

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