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Fixed some bugs, made some things easier and some worst (additional crazy stuff). Featured gameplays, and a thank you message from the creator.

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Alright! so let's now have a brief description of what this news is all about, first of course it's about an update for the game as the title have stated, and we also have some fellas already who played the game. One even finished it! Which is really surprising for me since I mostly only see people who plays the game walk around in circles and die. And lastly a thank you for me for the awesome passive support I'm getting so far.

So without further-ado here are the points for this news:

Lost - A Horror Experience v0.2d out!:

What this update contains:

* Put some more content.
* Easier to pick up batteries.
* Put crosshair.
* Fixed the bug where the player gets stuck when stepped on a battery.
* Minor bug fixes.

Kinda short list ehh, but for me those fixes really needs to be done why?, because when I myself have watched the featured plays(next point of this news) especially the one by manky2231. I felt so embarrassed because for me it's a game-breaking bug, especially the moment when the guy got stuck on a battery. So yeah, after finishing the video I've decided that I know now some of which to fix already, and some of which to improve and put more. Hence this update happened seconds after the decision. Be sure to check it out! It's much optimized now than the last time, and again if ever you found some bugs or some that needs improvements you can always comment on the game's page or just contact me here or via email.

For an easy grab of the game you can download the game here:
Lost - A Horror Experience Beta v0.2d

Featured Gameplays:

So there was this one time where I suddenly went to youtube and typed "Lost horror experience" in the search box. I wasn't expecting something because I don't see much on the game's page anyways but I was like woah, I saw these gameplays and became happy, and somehow embarrassed at the same time. Happy because I found some feedback through them, and also embarrassed because they've had an unusual bug experience with the game. That lead to this update thankfully. So here are the videos:

This one is the guy who experienced that stuck when stepped on the battery bug, and that really pushed me to deliver this update:

This one had some, well "manly screams" which even though I don't understand his language I still had fun watching it:

And this one is the first ever let's play video that was commented on the game's page. Thanks for playing man:

Last news point, A thanks from the creator:

Soooo, so far so good. We're nearly on 1K visits with 4 watchers, and some let's play videos. Even though I get a little feedback I'm still am proud of it already and would gladly continue this project even further. I hope things would go even better for this game and I'll surely be happy to deliver the best I can to make this a game that won't disappoint gamers. Thanks again.

And lastly you can also follow me on twitter for faster news regarding updates of the game: @Sophistic_WaTer

Happy gaming!
Sophistic_WaTer out.

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