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Just quick update. You can now walk with WASD and most annoying issues has been fixed.

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Full list of changes:

  • Footsteps sound effect is now looped correctly.
  • Now you can walk either with arrowkeys or WASD.
  • Few spelling errors fixed.
  • 'Kill wild beast' quest journal is now updated correctly.
  • Dark claymore graphic fixed.
  • Shard staff graphic fixed.
  • Shadow boss graphic fixed.
  • Many issues with Shadow boss fixed.
  • Horrible teleportation block glitch fixed.
  • 'Activate gate' quest fixed.
  • Balanced monster stats to make melee combat easier.
  • Link bolt no longer show shield hitsplats if enemy has no shield.
  • Removed some of walking required for 'Meet Wex at portal' quest.
  • Now damage increasing attributes cost 2 attribute points to level up.
  • Titan beacons are now more dangerous.
  • You will no longer see ugly GameMaker splash screen, because I bought professional GameMaker!
  • Some other small fixes.

Now I will be working on new content update, it will include Arsenal boss and Abandoned Crater area with new equipment sets and many new monsters.

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