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The game universe is being expanded, art-work is back on track after illness and community submissions are being reviewed and worked on.

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So, I'd like to start this update with the only negative thing to note. I've been ill the last week and a half, but I'm better now. Work is picking back up and ideas are flowing... mostly.

I've done tons of work on the craft that will make up the fleet. I've got a working model for the colony ship that I'm happy with, it's unfinished, but the design is much to my liking. It should look reminiscent to fans of a certain series.

I've been working on a player-character, I'm shooting for quality, so it's taking me time. As I learn more and more of what I can do with Blender, the better and better stuff I turn out, I revisit old projects, update them with new techniques.

The most important update is most definitely the universe at which the game will be set. It's has elements of many shows, movies and video games I've fallen in love with throughout the years and many people will catch on to many of those elements quite quickly. As someone has said to me... Everything has been created, it's the job of the artist to make it unique and interesting.

Also, a shout-out to all of those that have submitted artwork, as much as I can work on is being well... worked on. Some of the ideas are wonderful! That's all for now.

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