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Well, I am back here again with a progress update.

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Level 5 inside of Unity

Well, I'm back here again with a progress update.

So, I have been working hard building level 5, and I gotta say, I actually like the ways you have to do to escape this level; It's the best one yet, if I do say so myself lol. I'm writing this blog to say that I am finally out of blender and into Unity! I'm in my natural environment! Lol. Not to say that I dislike Blender or modeling, in particular. It's just that I'm not that great in it. I'm more of a programmer. Well, I'm not more of a programmer, I AM a programmer. And a game designer, too. I feel more at ease with the program trade and also designing levels.

Anyways, I've just put all of the objects inside of unity. Just have to place some things here and there. Now, it's to the programming stage. I am going to try some new programming techniques in this one that I haven't done in the other levels. The concept will be the same, it's just the execution will be slightly different.

Office Space for Level 5

Office Door of Level 5

All-in-all, I think that you guys will enjoy this level the most. It's a smaller level(Way smaller than the third); But, I feel like you guys will like the thought process in escaping the area. The thought process of this level was cleverly planned. Level 3 did give me some ideas on how to do some things, which led to some stuff in level 5.

The Exit Door for Level 5

Now, how many levels are left exactly? Glad you ask :). I'm planning one more level for this game! It will be a “Throwback” to a level I did a long time ago. I think that you guys will like level 6. Still don't know how I will do the congratulation screen, though. Trying to think of some clever ways to go by it. I still have to do the main menu screen, too. Which will be in the last beta testing stage.

Well, I want to thank you all for reading this blog. I should have the beta for this later this week. And I'm hoping to have the game done by this summer. I've been on this game for tooooooo long lol. Until next time guys, bye!


Seems rather plain, hope I'm wrong.

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