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"There is nothing to fear, but feat itself." A remastered version of the First game, packaged differently, better graphics, and Improved to feedback of reviews.

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Hey guys, Sayincraft here! I havent been very active on this account, but its because I was working on my Gamejolt account more. I was banned for something that was not my fault. This game, well if you watch the video... it sucks. This was my first Unity game, and one of my only 3D games ever. I had lost the game files for it when I updated to Unity 5. I recently found them, and started remastering it and starting to add new levels. I had corrupted the game files by trying to import a full game, and Lost it again, but with little options to get it back. So, I am going to release a new game (With a download this time) with the remastered version, that is easier, and is set to the recommendations that the players asked. If you watch a review by FellowPlayer on youtube, he says some things about it that I fixed. SooooooOoo, yea, its fixed... but has the same levels as this version. THANKS! BYE!!!!!!!!!

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