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Game is officially released! is the main place it lives now. Hooray, done(?) at last! What next?

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Whelp, it's out. I've made a page for the game at,, for public perusal and enjoyment.

Normally I would consider it "done" at this point. I've accomplished everything I planned on with the game. (And then some! The original game as conceived had maybe 2-3 bosses, with like 5 levels each. Instead of the 6.5 bosses, with 10 or so levels each that the game ended up at. Sometimes it is hard to stop!)

Anyway, done with it for now, but may end up issuing an update, since a lot of people are having trouble with the infamous "squish the ship" level. While I like the level, I may move it to later in the level progression, so that people don't feel quite so stuck so early.

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