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The Phase 01 is the first one, this phase cover the game basics. This is the current game process for the PHASE 01, since this moment i will write the news in spanish, for the end of the phase 01 i will translate the game and the news :)

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This is the current game process:

  • PHASE 01

Sectors / Systems

  • Sectors basic generation (READY)
  • Sectors 10/250 (WIP)
  • Planet Types 16/16 (READY)
  • Moon Types 02/X (WIP)
  • Nebulas 6/X (WIP)
  • Asteroid Types 3/3 (READY)
  • Station Types 3/X (WIP)
  • Backgrounds 1/3 (WIP)
  • Special Items 1/X (WIP)

Features / Profile

  • Basic Mining System (READY)
  • Drop percentage (READY)
  • Mineral Cargo Bay (READY)
  • Weapon attributes (Shoots per time / force) (READY)
  • Position / Rotation control in the savegame (READY)
  • Credits (Money) control in the savegame (READY)
  • Health control in the savegame (READY)
  • Equipment control in the savegame (READY)


  • Contracts, Basic System (READY)
  • Contracts 3/10 (WIP - Working now)

Distress Calls

  • Distress Call System (WIP)
  • Distress Calls (WIP)

Player Interface

  • Text Translation Control (Only need translate some text files) (Currently in this stage only in Spanish) (WIP)
  • Mini Map (READY)
  • Sector info console (READY)
  • System info console (READY)
  • Galactic Map (WIP)
  • TextBox (READY)
  • Trade console (Station Console) (READY)

Ship's Equipment

  • Ballistic computer (Determine the number of rounds and the time before destroy the bullet) (READY)
  • Engines (READY)
  • Afterburner (READY)
  • Commodities Cargo Bay (WIP)
  • Fuel Tank (READY)
  • Weapons 1/1X (WIP)


  • Market basic control in the savegame (WIP)
  • Mineral Market (For the Mineral Cargo bay) (READY)
  • Commodities Market (For items/others) (WIP)


  • Basic randomly NPCs creation (READY)
  • NPCs AI (WIP)
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