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actually the mod is a 50% complete and there is a lot of progress. the game icon will be changed the next week.

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actually there is 29 civs in the game

age of kings civs: britons, goths japanese etc.

the conquerors civs: aztecs, huns, mayans etce.

the forgotten civs: indians, italians, slavs etc.

the african kingdoms civs: malians, berbers, ethiopians, portuguese

.the rise of rajas civs: khemers, malays, burmese, vietnamese.

WIP civs: burmese vietnamese and GAIA.

3 new tracks for the game (definitive edition music aoe 1 and aoe 2).

the game is a recreation of the expansion the rise of rajas (New ROR), this mods also adds new units and decorations for the game. there is also a few broken units to fix.

organ gun - elite.

ballista tower.

demolition ships (from raft to heavy).

the demo can be uploaded the 06-27-2020 but im not sure if i can. the next update i will show some changes in the units and the civs.

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