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Hello, the 5.5 update had serious issues on win 10 and would CTD (crash to desktop) in many siege battles due to custom settlement-files - I've had to remove certain files in those folders to make the mod run on win 10 without this issue - Moat Cailin had to be removed sadly but the rest are working. I've also added new merchants, priests, diplomats and ships from Peaman with his permission among other things! Redownload! Delete version 5.5 and insert this instead. Has Quality of life-changes!

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Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V. 5.6 (Win 10 compatible)

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Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V. 5.6 (Win 10 compatible)

Hello, the 5.5 update had serious issues on win 10 and would CTD (crash to desktop) in many siege battles due to custom settlement-files - I've had to remove certain files in those folders to make the mod run on win 10 without this issue - Moat Cailin had to be removed sadly but the rest are working.

1. I've also added new merchants, priests, diplomats and ships from Peaman with his permission.

2. Updated textures for some of the old strat-models on the map.

3. Updated Nights Watch diplomacy - they start allied to House Stark, House Lannister and Baratheon of Kings Landing only - cause Stannis, Edmure Tully, Renly, Dany, Balon Greyjoy etc would all declare war on House Stark and each other whenever a faction declared their Kingship, as such the Nights Watch needed to only be allied with these three in order to prevent them from betraying House Stark.

4. Siege Battles work on windows 10 - all the problematic settlements have been fixed, and all the custom settlements also work - including Kings Landing, Highgarden, Dragonstone, Castle Black and the DBM Albian/scottish settlements in use by the Wildlings - Moat Cailin removed due to it causing the Stark Holdfasts to crash. Other files removed as well that caused any southern wooden castle or southern holdfast to crash on windows 10.

5. New UI-update by Firestorm for "southern european"-factions like House Lannister.

6. Updated Kingsguard battle-model by Firestorm - no longer has buggy arms.

7.Updated Nights watch and Wildling strat-models - the strat-models of these factions were glitched and in the case of the Wildlings could turn invisible after a few turns on win 10. They now work as any other strat-model.

8. New winning conditions - At first i re-added all the old victory conditions from 5.0 - then I spent a few hours re-working these to make them more lore-accurate and also possible for the AI to achieve.

In version 5.5 there where no victory conditions and now every faction has a goal.

Redownload the mod by downloading the 5.6 version! Delete version 5.5 and insert this new one instead. Has Quality of life-changes and shouldn't be merged/mixed with older versions of GoT Enhanced including 5.5 - and shouldn't be merged or mixed with Westeros 1.0 neither!

The mod is a stand-alone mod despite being a sub-mod of Westeros originally.


Version 5.6:

Mr_Nygren and Firestorm - the work on the update!

Peaman - new merchants, priests, assassins (edited out), spies (edited out), diplomats and ships - implemented by me, but rigged by Peaman!

Older credits for 5.5:

Credits (I can't remember everyone at the moment but I will try,):

- Westeros: Total War for the old mod that started it all and for the custom settlements - also Makayane for said cities. Certain textures for strat-model princesses.

- Game of Thrones: Enhanced Submod V 3.0 and earlier - in particular Inarus and his team, because they are the original creators, and made the original art-mod back when the models were all vanilla - they also did the voice-modifications, strat-model cities of the oldest versions, and many of the images and portraits - not to forgot many of the old scripts. Not that many old scripts have been re-implemented yet though.

- Peaman for some battle-models from Fire & Blood, quite a few strat-model generals and cities from Fire & Blood.

- Warhammer Alt-Cut and it's creator Kalla for the Warhammer animations, the dragon models and the mammoths - the skins of the dragons are by Peaman.

- Firestorm for just above half the work on this version - he did edit the new models/units, implement many things on the new map, add new cards and did most of the new stuff seen here. However, I had simultaneously done most f the same work on another version (the original, there were two versions of the mod with the new map and models - one worked on by me and one by Firestorm - but only Firestorms version allowed new scripts - and only with Firestorm's version could we get rid of the old "Play a custom battle first"-bug. So Firestorm had come a bit further than me even though I had pretty much re-added everything from the old version on the new map and after that added the new factions. But I hadn't added the Others or the Free Cities yet - that's when we moved to Firestorms sub-mod and made that the new version.

Mr_Nygren for the same amount of work on the original factions of GoT Enhanced 5.0 bringing them back to Souls map in a different version that we didn't use in the end, I also did implement the Wildlings, the Nights Watch and House Targaryen to it. I added most of Firestorms heroes to it with the help of his already done entries from his sub-mod. And I did implement the custom settlements and a bunch of new units to it, dragons, animations, new portraits. - This was all scraped in favor of Firestorms work on the sub-mod.

- Then I added unique bodyguards to most heroes in the campaign for this release, I did add the Wildling script, I did add the custom settlements to this mod - including tinkering with the Castle Black-settlement and making it load in the mod - it used to crash in Westeros 1.0 when attempting to play a battle there, I did add the new system of armor upgrades for House Bolton, I added a bunch of edits to the game-play, I implemented the new UI changes in the faction selection screen (Firestorm did the map-pictures for the new factions,) I added some strat-models to the mod and what-not.

- Most of the work on the release was done by Firestorm - most of my work were done on the other beta. I did some final stuff before this released though.

- TheScouseSicario for all the wonderful new heads of all the new custom heroes.

- VltimaRatio for all the GoT Enhanced base-models and old models.

- DBM (De Bello Mundi) for the Wildling "Albian/Scottish" custom settlements in battle.

- Makayane for the new "Great Wall" custom settlement in battle - used by Castle Black and the other two castles. - I managed to make it work after some tinkering with the files, as it was in Westeros 1.0 but always did CTD (crash to desktop) when attempting to play a battle there.

- SoulGamesInc (SGI) for the new huge map!

- The Italian "Song of Ice and Fire"-mod and it's creator for the Castle Black strat-model - also in use by the other castles at the wall.

Check this earlier article for older changes:


Hi is there anyway in which to undo the 4gb update?

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Mr_Nygren Author


Without the patch you won't be able to run most mods for Medieval 2.

Usually if you get issues you haven't applied it to the correct files - medieval2.exe and kingdoms.exe.

Not the .bat-files.

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is there anyway to patch on a mac?

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Mr_Nygren Author

Sadly I don't know much about MAC:s.

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Kuddos for your impressive work :)

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Mr_Nygren Author

Thanks man, this was mostly Firestorm though.

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Two things. Jorah Mormont looks like the Silver Surfer. And the dothraki horse lords are on foot?

Also when allies are in a match a large glitchy box asking me to engage shootout mode or not takes up about 15 percent of my screen per allied army?

Otherwise i have had more fun with this than any total war mod since Third Age

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Mr_Nygren Author

Thanks. I will check Jorah Mormont as I've not tried him out personally.
About the Dothraki they should be mounted I think but will have to check. Maybe the game picked the swordsmen over the cavalry which isn't intended.

Yeah, we don't know how to fix the error with the user interface.

Glad you're appreciating the mod.

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Mr_Nygren Author

I've now increased the time it will take for the factions to recruit the Golden Company Elephants. Also, they were only available from a Guild buildable in Kings Landing and in Myr only.

- I've removed the "hidden resource" from Kings Landing because it doesn't make sense for them to have Elephants in the War of the 5 Kings - if they want that they will have to journey to Essos.

Also, the main reason I did this is balance between the Lannisters and the others in Westeros. This way the AI won't get Golden Company Elephants in Westeros. But the Free Cities will have them of course and House Targaryen if they conquer Myr.

As for the economy I can't change the resources of those lands. But I've cut their starting money in half. I don't know if it will help.

Other changes include fixing the Harry Strickland and Jorah Mormont silver surfers in battle (they were silver surfers because they had mercenary bodyguards and lacked the entry for mercs in a file,) and I've fixed the Dothraki bodyguards so they are Mounted Bloodriders instead of dismounted warriors.

I've also added the M2EOP-tool because in my experience custom battles would crash at the end of the battles without it - and even in the campaign I did experience CTD during battles. With the tool there are no CTD in battle. And it also enables the "berserker" mental-state for the Greyjoy Bodyguard/Champions and the Wildling Thenn Axemen/Styr Bodyguard.

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CTD on sieges with small towns on campaign again, on Windows 7 :(

Maybe this lines means something...

20:58:16.297 [] [warning] open: data/settlements/North_European/ambient_settlements/Stone_Fort_D/Stone_Fort_D.animInstances is missing
20:58:16.439 [] [warning] open: data/settlements/North_European/ambient_settlements/Stone_Fort_D/Stone_Fort_D.worldTerrain is missing
20:58:16.441 [system.rpt] [error] Medieval 2: Total War encountered an unspecified error and will now exit.

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