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Check out some of the awesome stuff that have been put into game of engines version 1.0.5!

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Game Of Engines V1.0.5

What is game of engines?
Game Of Engines is a game engine and a level editor combined. You can consider it more of a toolkit than it is an actual engine. It was created to create high powered indie games by giving the user some of the best technology around in order to create games.

What engine does Game Of Engines use?

Game Of Engines currently uses the Casino Royale game engine to power it's creations - The Casino Royale engine has lua script support which is something that we have strongly tried to integrate into the toolkit for 1.0.5. The engine can run your games at high speeds without the need for a game loop to run. At the moment, you can go with the simple action based events or try and create your very own game loop.

What is new in 1.0.5?

Sooo much is new with this version. There is soo many new features that I will not even bother to try and explain them so I will give a short list:

  • Asset Manager - The asset manager has received a huge speed boost and some brand new features.
  • Tools Section - The new tools section allows users to delete hundreds of tiles at the click of a button to shape the world as they like.
  • File Display - I put a s**t load of effort into this feature, it will display all of the text files, lua files, maps and all that other good stuff that you add to your project.
  • File Editor - Forget going out of the engine, launching a lua editor and then reloading your game; Simply edit the .lua file right from the editor with our new file editor.
  • Sprites - You now have full control over your sprites with our new Sprites Tab - You can edit your sprites names, give them code events and actually create some games!
  • Action Manager Update - The Action Manager has also been fully updated, it now has a section dedicated to messing with the engines run time commands and values so you can make your camera various sizes.
  • Re-Naming - Now you can re-name any of your file straight from the file editor without any annoying crashes.
  • Lua Scripts - As mentioned you can now actually program your games using the lua programming language. Python users will have to wait while i work on embedding that.
  • Particle System - Myself and Casino Royale have been working on a brand new particle system to blow the socks off yall. At the moment the particle system is pretty impressive but is also very experimental as we work out all of the bugs.
  • Game Worthy - Go ahead and actually make games with this version of the toolkit folks; It has all the tools you will ever need.
  • Cross-Platform - We now have the engine working perfectly with Windows,Mac and Linux to ensure the best performance for your games.
  • Shadow Tile Boost - Yep, normally with big maps you would see a decreased respond time while using the shadow tile but we have fixed this so make your maps as huge as you like.
  • Auto-Place - Forget having to click to place each tile individually, now you can go ahead and use auto-place which unlike most tile placing systems, actually works!

There is loads more features than above but you get tired of writing them all out, Here is a picture of the 1.0.5 toolkit running:

Version 1.0.5

What platforms does Game Of Engines support?
Version 1.0.5 of the toolkit can be run on Windows,Mac,Linux and WebOS. The games you create can be ported to Windows,Mac and Linux also. This means you can go wild and create games without worrying about all of the porting issues when working with a specific platform. Here is a pic of a small game I created working on Windows:

Version 1.0.5

When do you plan to begin work on the next version?
Soon as I finish this can of monster!

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