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Check out some of the awesome stuff that has been put into game of engines version 1.0.4R3!

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Game Of Engines V1.0.4R3

What is game of engines?
Game Of Engines is a game engine and a level editor combined. You can consider it more of a toolkit than it is an actual engine. It was created to create high powered indie games by giving the user some of the best technology around in order to create games.

What engine does Game Of Engines use?

With the birth of Game Of Engines V1.0.4R3 on the horizon, I knew that the toolkit needed a demo engine to give users an idea of what kind of thing they would be working with. After endless hours of programming and screwing around with different API's, I came up with the most amazing 2D game engine ever devised by man: Casino Royale

What is new in 1.0.4R3?

Where to start. We have changed our game engine architecture completely so there is a lot of new things so i will list a few:

  • GUI - The new GUI is twice as awesome and is now almost finished. It is less of an eyesore now and actually resembles a piece of software.
  • Tile System - The tile system was scraped and I began again, this time the tiling system actually WORKS with sprite sheets and saves a lot of your computer memory.
  • Sprite System - For the first time in GOE history, you can now actually add sprites that will become NPC's, enemies and noobs once the engine is fully implemented.
  • Asset Manager - Another feature that was completely re-thought and then revamped. You can now easily manage all your assets in one place.
  • File Manager - Now you can keep an eye on your maps and edit the names at will.
  • Action Manager - Everything related to development can be found in this section: map geometry, file editing, debugging and sprite management.
  • Saving and Loading - For the first time ever, you can fully save and load your maps without the need to inherit a massive database that needs to be re-ported and re-synced every time you switch platform.
  • Dock-able Panels - Like all great toolkit's, you can now un-dock panels such as the "Asset Manager" from the toolkit to give you more space for creating your map.

What platforms does Game Of Engines support?
Version 1.0.4 Revision 3 can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux without the need to change any code or re-sync your assets.

Do you plan to begin work on another version of Game Of Engines?
Hell Yeah. This toolkit has so much potential and i have a big feeling that 1.0.5 will be the biggest battleship to enter our fleet yet.

When do you plan to begin work on the next version?

Soon as I finish this can of monster!

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