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Some Game Objectives for Brunelleschi: Age of Architects, free to play!

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Game Objectives in Brunelleschi: Age of Architects

Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is a game full of options, but it may be initially somewhat difficult to determine how to get ahead. The game has so many possible courses that it is necessary to pick something and stick to it to make any real progress. Players trying to accomplish everything by themselves will quickly discover how important teamwork is for a game like this. So, here are some of the more central ways to advance in the game, which can be used to find all the little optional advancement paths.

Building a City

Brunelleschi is not that different from the majority of city building games in that you collect resources and use them to construct Buildings, which then in turn provide Bonuses, Resources, Equipment, Troops, and monetary Income. There are 65 district options in Brunelleschi, though even the largest Settlements will have to chose 50 or less of these. Since each District is composed of Buildings, they can also be customized, making it nearly impossible that 2 settlements will ever be exactly alike. The Buildings you construct will attract Citizens, both computer-generated NPCs to run your buildings, and Human Heroes and Ministers who want to benefit from your economy, use your District Actions, or just enjoy the design you've come up with. We intend to have full maps for the districts in a later update, which will allow even more visual customization.

Establish a Political Empire

Bonds of Fealty and Ministerial Jobs can allow a player to expand their influence and Importance, thus gaining rank more quickly. It will take a strong leader to guide dozens of Ministers and hundreds of Heroes, but you just may be the person to do it. Take control via the forums, private messaging, or the complex network of Diplomacy and Warfare. You'll need to keep advancing in Level stay on top, with more powerful Forum Actions and Importance gaining abilities, as well as critical equipment for Lordship such as Crowns, Rings, Charters, and Banners.

Become Amazingly Wealthy

There are a lot of different kinds of wealth in Brunelleschi, from buildings to Resources to high grade Equipment. Careful management of Buildings, Actions, Markets, and Scenarios will have you on the top of the economic ladder quickly, but watch out where you store your stuff! Settlements can be raided and private wealth is on the table for the victors of such battles.

Have the Best Gear, and Highest Stats

There are hundreds of different items in Brunelleschi, each player craftable and tradeable on the Market. You can get gear that costs more than most people's Settlements if you try hard enough. Level up and Min-Max to your heart's content, and discover how valuable you are to Sovereigns when you can complete Scenarios all by yourself!

Raise a Grand Army with Which to Pwn the N00bs

There are a huge variety of Units in Brunelleschi, each coming in 13 different levels for maximum carnage. The Units have their own Special Abilities which take Strategy Combat well beyond Rock, Paper, Scissors, and into a realm of complex planning and careful deception. I enjoy a good war game, and I've tried to create something that other Wargamers will Love.

You can Equip your units also, leading to a Military-Industrial interaction that will drive the economies of most settlements. Lost Equipment and dead soldiers can become quite expensive, and someone will need to replace what is destroyed.

Profit from the Deaths of Fools

Many Buildings and Districts in Brunelleschi cause their owner to gain Currency from the deaths of Characters and NPCs in the settlement. Move to a Capitalist Settlement, buy an empty lot in some off-brand district, set up a Burial Chamber, and profit from the mistakes of others! Be the dead cart guy if you want.

Or Lead the Virtuous to Paradise

Blessings abound in Brunelleschi, as it puts forth a time of Racial and Gender equality overlapping the Renaissance we know. Casters and Clergy work side by side, and barring player created divisions have no basic enmity. The Old Gods of the Pagan world still thrive, not driven by the Stake and the Sword into seclusion, while the Light of Christ is felt in every corner of the Mythic Renaissance. Lead the world to a place of Peace and Glory in the name of God, or split the Church asunder with questions that shake the Hierarchy of St. Peter.

Reach the Top, and Hold It!

Only five Characters can hold the top Lordship positions. This alone will make them points of contention, and the effort involved in getting the Billion Importance points to unlock this rank will be non-trivial. These characters will have greater Fealty Limits, further enhancing their power, and it will take a very powerful movement to unseat one of these masters, if they defend their positions. Your Lord will have to climb a long path and make many alliances to hit this point, so get started today!

Check out to start playing, and thanks for reading!

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