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Myself and a friend are contacting the Dev's for various reasons and one of them is to ask whom exactly owns the license to the game series and it's copyright if all companies who ever held it are now defunct...

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Recently a friend and myself have been contacting the Croc development team, whilst we have gotten replies from a few of them they are all very busy and to make sure they won't get spam bombed we won't give out any private e-mails or MSN accounts and wish that no one else try and contact them (there may be a chance we could get goodies and share them with the public)

Two of my goals for this are to see if we can obtain the first or second or both games source-codes so we can make patches for Windows 7 users (and update the game to support Direct3D and OpenGL instead of just software and Glide) and also to find out whom holds the license and copyright for both games as we wish to supply Full Game downloads for both games since copies are beginning to get rarer and rarer these days as they wear out, get lost or someone hoards them so they can cash in on them one day.

My friend and I will try to keep everyone posted but if it seems a bit to quiet then please head over to our fan forum and check out the relevant topic.

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Patience fellow fans, patience shall reward us all greatly =)

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