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This game is in early alpha, here im describing what i want to add and refine.

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I finally found how to add some devlogs. So, as I said this game is in early alpha, you can see on this video how it looks at this moment.

Here you can see some enemies, throwing statues, many explosions and few minibosses. Graphic maybe not looking good, but you need to notice that i made this graphic core when i had 12 or 13 years :v

But this is not what i want to admit. I want to add boss between 3-5 stages. For each every is limited time (like in old games) and guy with red coat who is giving password to stage where we found him. Password is symbolic becoase after start new game will be possibility to start from place where we found password. As you can see it will be only symbolic password. Also in many of stages will be kind of magic balls which can give us possibility to open special area or even special stage (like in happyland where 5 balls = password). Also i want to make difficulty level to choose. Casual, Hard and Insane. Difference between them is behavior when player is low on HP, clever of minibosses (effective usage of spells) and damage gaining.

I hope i decribed all what needed. Soon i will release next gameplay with fully maded AI and Physic.

I forgot, but i need to admit that im making this game alone, so plz be honest with me what i need to change ect.

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