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There r the list of the main features of the visual and gameplay components of the mod.

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  • HD Weapons w/ ironsights [ CMod port ]. Amazing TMP from CSS ;)
  • Regenerating Health. Bloody overlay on screen means low health.
  • Minimap with tags attached to Hitman and Enemies. Also shows icons of special events.
  • Walking [ like in CS] with fixed anims
  • Panel with ALT ammo of AR2 or SMG1
  • 10 achievements [nosteam of course]
  • Small hints [ like +headshot, +1pt]

  • New simple gameui with random .bik videos
  • Mainmenu fade blur [ like in L4D and Portal2]
  • Implemented FMOD [ dynamic music ]

  • ..and a lot of fixes from VDC.
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