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It's time to release some details about the games features. Enjoy.

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1. In The Family you can purchase your own property, inside the property you can either purchase an NPC (Non-Playable Character) to sell items inside the shop (Food, Drugs, Weapons etc.) or you can employ an actual person to sell items; both of which get a cut of the profit. If an NPC is used, a cut of the profit goes back into the cities economy. *

2. Like I said before, each city (server) has its own economy. Each city can be run by anyone - just like a cs:s or battlefield server because it contacts the master servers and connects to the databases like any other game server with authentication; the major difference being that server owners / administrators haven't got 'total' control but instead 'authorised' control. This means that any server admins that decide to kick players from their Cities or ban them for unjustified reasons will first be given warnings and eventually find their server blacklisted and players will be unable to play on them. It may seem harsh but from our perspective it is your game (the players) not server administrators and there is nothing worse than a child or an immature adult who has been given rights to destroy someone's gaming experience just because they are having a bad day. Equally admins wont get in trouble for kicking and banning players who are actually doing wrong. There will be a lot of future docmentation explaining this in much further detail. *

3. There are features in the game that can enable servers to be self-funded. I can't go into much detail about this at the moment but it does give incentive to own a City. *

4. Each city can hold a maximum of 128 players (from Beta) and on release The Family is aimed at holding 256 players per city. (don't ask how, just drink the sweet sweet milk.) *

5. A robust loan shark system *

6. A persistent virtual City with many different areas (industrial, housing, commerce) *

7. Family heirarchy *

8. A respect / power / wealth system #

9. A wide range of jobs and things to do (there is nothing worse than a repetitive game) #

10. Working Vehicles #

11. The ability to be on the Police force, if you wish. (just because its called "The Family" doesn't mean that you can only be a mobster) #

More to come soon.

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