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This week's update focuses on bug fixes and game engine optimizations.

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Game engine optimizations

Before adding more features, I wanted to optimize the game engine. This week, I improved the management layer between the CPU and the graphics card. Next week, I want to optimize the GPU shaders to increase the game's performance. Perhaps you won't notice a difference when playing the game, but this step is important before adding new effects and techniques to the game engine.

Crew portraits

Several players requested to improve the portrait images used for the ship's crew in the panel on the left side. I updated them with a small Patch this Monday!

Bug Fixes

I added many features and improvements during the last weeks. Although I spend a lot of time testing my work, there might be bugs that I miss. So, I spent several days play-testing the game and I found some bugs that I immediately removed in several small Hot Fixes this week. Some bugs were also reported by players.

If you find any problem or bug in the game, please let me know! The best way to contact me is to write me an e-mail: Please note, I only speak English and German.

  • The highscore values are now calculated for each game.
  • You can't use the pilot's skills on planets anymore.
  • When pausing the game while targeting an enemy's ship, the targeting was aborted.
  • Tool-tips on buttons were sometimes still visible, when clicking on these buttons to open a new view.
  • After zooming out, the left and central weapon turret of the Horus could not be repaired, because an UI element was blocking the mouse clicks.
  • You could select the Space Explorer role in the tutorial during the game creation step. This led to problems when the galactic map is described in a later part of the tutorial.
  • The window's tabs moved with the last update. The tutorial pointed to the wrong tabs when explaining this window.
  • The tutorial could be aborted in the game creation step by pressing Escape key. It was not possible to restart the tutorial after that without closing the game.

Coming up next...

  • After you lose a game, your caption will be saved. You can select him/her in later games and he/she keeps all their skills and abilities!
  • Upgrading bonus cards. There will be new achievements which improve existing bonus cards.
  • I will continue the optimization and testing work I started this week.
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