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An update on our development of "Project Asteroid" from our 12 hour crunch session last night.

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It’s nearly midnight as I write this from the computer lab, Dominos pizza with over 9000 different toppings is sitting across from me on my desk, two brand new tracks are to my left on my Macbook Air, and we all are currently working extremely hard on building “Project Asteroid” and pushing it closer and closer to a prototype, while you are here, reading, hoping to snag some new info regarding the game. Well, that might just be true tonight based on how much we decide to share, and trust me, it might just be a lot. Let the teasing begin!

Oh, as a quick note, ALL in-game screenshots are from before our prototype, and the graphics and features shown are 110% not final. We just wanted to share info!

Also, a gallery full of images from our crunch session is located on our website at:

Art, yes we have some and so can you!

Tonight, one of my best friends here, on campus, Jon showed up and decided to help us with our project! Not only is he one of the most creative people here, but he also brought his art talent with him and started to crank out some amazing concept art and set the mood for the main character and overall feel of Project Asteroid. In addition, he took over the whiteboard in the room and filled it with tons and tons of ideas for level design. Now while I don’t want to spill the beans on how our game works right now, I do want to share this crazy picture of the whiteboard in which we covered. Don’t even ask me to explain it, you won’t understand.

Full customization, here we come!

Tonight, while developing, Adam, our lead programmer has taken it upon himself to play around with the mechanics for projectiles in Project Asteroid. I was sitting here, being amazed every couple minutes when I see something crazy thing happening on his screen. Each crazy thing tonight has turned itself into a new crazy idea for the game such as new enemies and much, much more.

In addition, Mike, our additional programmer on the team has taken over my job of creating a fully fledged level editor and is now working on it himself. Once done, we will be passing it onto Jon, our new artist and level designer as mentioned above, to work on creating some amazing experiences for you. Trust us, what he put on the whiteboard and once it’s put into the game will just make you go crazy.Also, what this “full customization” thing means for you will be coming later in more info.

Music, it’s alive!

In the first five hours being here, I started cranking out some amazing, dynamic tunes, similar to what was planned originally for The Adventures of Todd Merchant. I’ve used many of the techniques used to create most of the tracks, just to a whole new level. Two tracks have been complete and are ready for fine tuning (needs more bass pretty much), and one more is being worked on right now. Actually, I’m writing this right now, so it’s not being worked on at this moment, but it’s the next thing on my to do list.

Being creative, it’s very fun.

Yup, tonight has been a very good night. Happy to be away from my dorm and in the labs actually doing work with minimal distractions. Well, except Twitter and Facebook, there’s no escaping them! We’ve all been very creative tonight due to this, and we’ve been sharing updates occasionally throughout the night already, and we plan to continue that as we have many things to share.Of course, we still aren’t saying what Project Asteroid is about exactly, but the hints that you can get from this are pretty valuable. I double dog dare you to try and guess in the comments below. You won’t guess it.

As mentioned at the beginning, a full gallery of images from the crunch session is located on our website for this blog post at:

Until the next update, you can find us in the sky.

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