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Game Dev - Project DG v Nothing too big on this one, we just tweaked the AI and reduced speed. OH AND THE BABY CHICK RETURNED!!

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Indie Dev Log –

Return of The Baby Chick

YES YOU ARE SEEING RIGHT, the baby chicken is BACK! in the beginning I was just testing out the bull sprite sheet, it was supposed to be part of the old game originally but was never added, we are going to use it for testing! Isn’t that exciting?…. no..?. really… Ok…

AI Tweaks

We fixed the speed of the AI and there were sometimes where it would just pick left or idle, meaning no moving right unless he hits a wall… so yea… that was fixed! And the AI is now MULTIPLYING …. for testing purposes, once the enemy is killed (10 pig shots.. lol) he will die and summon 2 more! for the fun of never ending BULLS following you! Added AI multiplication

What to expect Next? UPDATE 0.0.5.x

Update 0.0.5.x is going to focus on skills, job system, and some menus such as inventory and skill upgrade menu!
to stay updated, Watch this project, follow us on our website and follow us on twitter where we upload random leaks (including 0.0.5.x upcoming updates as soon as we finished working on them!) bunch of GIFs, and just random comments about our experiences making the game!

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