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Game Dev - Project DG v. 0.0.3 Working Platforms ! collision detection!

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Game Dev Log - Project DG v 0.0.3

0.0.3 Summary

This Version is going to be mostly on bringing functionality into the game, focusing on camera control and collision detection! Expect sub-Versions of 0.0.3 soon, we are expecting about 1~2 subversions name 0.0.3.x since we are going to tweak it up a bit before moving up a version.

Working Platforms

so... today we mostly struggled with collision detection and platforms. After hours of tweaking it, it is still not perfect, but we got a working platform demonstration! We had to create this platform class from scratch and create its structure, which is what took so long... This platform class is going to be a sub class from a "world" class which will hold all of the platforms, and the platforms will hold all of the enemies and the objects and etc etc... all you guys gotta know is.... IT WORKS!

Platform Demo!
Again guys, go check out our website, as it will go more in depth about the version update and will explain all of version 0.0.3.X!

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