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Version 0.0.2 of Project DG, we added Dropped items, platforms, and more!

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Game Dev Log - Project DG V. 0.0.2

In Short

We added a couple of things, first, we added objects called "dropped items" which will basically be items you would be able to pick up in the game. Next, we added Platforms! and lastly, we removed the "HUD" testing since it wasn't needed for now.

Dropped Items

So, we added a dropped item system! The dropped items will float as they are dropped and remain at where they were dropped until someone picked them up. Later, we will add that they will also disappear if they were not picked up fast enough (about 30seconds~1min). For now, however, they are not interact-able yet, and just there for decoration until we patch them!
Floating object and destroy-able object


The platforms needed their own algorithm in order to render efficiently. After some research, i finally added the platforms into the game, however, they are not interact-able yet.

well, this is the end of the day, hopefully tomorrow I will finish handling collision detection with the platform. that’s the end of Project DG 0.0.2 Game Dev Log, I am so excited for this game…. :D

Again, don't forget to visit our website guys! we appreciate your support! help us make this game come alive!

Also, stay tuned, as we will hand out versions of the testing game to you guys to review and give us feed back as soon as the basic elements are available to make this game playable! So follow us on Facebook for that and visit our site often!

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