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I am releasing a Beta map to see what others say and think about my map ideas and game content. Please also note the map will look noobish but im not aiming for map criticism just idea criticism.

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Ideas and content to look out for and comment about:

1. Surprises
2. Detail in the map
3. Choice of props
4. Anything else i did not mention.

Things not to comment about:

1. How bad the map looks (Remember its a peek to game content and ideas, not map skills).

Things i want to hear:

1. How i could improve
2. Ideas (That are RELEVANT to my theme in the game).
3.What i Ideas i should not have put in there. (This means things that are overused in many mods/games).

I cannot get started on the Main Game until i see what you all think about the games oncoming content.

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