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Hi everyone, i'm new in indie game DB and i want to present you my game concept of a 2d fighting med-fant game.

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Hi everyone, i'm new in Indie DB and i want just post my first article to present my game concept: I'm working hard in this project, which is a medieval fantasic 2d game, in which we can play in multiplayer and in splitscreen, in some arenas. there is some differents characters who have differents spells and attacks, like for example the warrior, the wizard, the troll and some others, and at the beginning of each game, we have to choose one clan. each clan have acces to the same characters, and when the player have chosen his character, he appear in the base of his clan, at the left or at the right side of a big map, constitued with many differents things, like ruins, trees and other things. the clans must fight into this big map, and each player have a attack, a warding off, and some specials attack (them of the character they have chosen) when they die, they can chose another character or the same they had during the precedent fight. I want to make some maps which have differents layers in which the players can move, and to past from one layer to another there are some bridges, or other constructions which allow the crossing.

I will post others precisions in a few time, please , tell me if you have any questions, and i think i will post the first version of the game during august. I would like to see if there is some persons interested by my game, before the sharing of more informations, and i have a YT channel "maël daubert" in which i will probably post videos of my work (graphic, audio and coding).

Thanks a lot to read my article

(and sorry if there is some english errors, i'm a french student, and i'm not bilingual)

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