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In this competition you have the chance to win the game called: PAYDAY 2 / In this contest, there will be only one winner!

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~ PAYDAY 2 ~

~ Some information about the game ~

The game consists of a variety of 'heists' that a player can opt to either carry out by themselves, with the AI, or as part of a multiplayer game. There are heists such as bank robbery, a drug trafficking run, and rigging an election. Some of the heists put a large emphasis on stealth, often leading to a bonus experience points and money on completion.

Gameplay is set as an objective-based cooperative shooter often based on larceny. Of the heists, the contract provider is indicative of the type of heist. Bain, the command and control officer of the Payday gang provides straight robbery from banks, stores and armored car convoys. Hector, a Colombian drug trafficker assigns jobs to advance his cartel and harass his rival gangs. Vlad uses the gang to extort protection money from his "protected businesses" and cause a nuisance to others.

The Elephant, a wholly corrupt Republican politician employs the gang for political gains going so far as to frame a Democratic senator for drug trafficking and arms dealing to rigging voting machines to swing for his desired candidate. The Dentist, a recent addition to the contact list, provides access to much more high profile theft heists, such as breaking into the Federal Reserve Bank, with a diamond museum, casino and prison breakouts planned to be added to the game as DLC expansions in the second half of 2014.

~ Payday 2 - Launch Trailer ~

Game Competition (PAYDAY 2)

~ Answer the following questions to win ~

  • Question 01: What weapon would you use and would you use armor on your mission?
  • Question 02: Go and rob the bank alone or with people who can help your mission?
  • Question 03: The Police or FBI are now sent to bank you rob and you have not gotten out more than 20% of the money in the bank. You have 5 minutes on you until they come, you choose to take the money you have now and flee or stand and fight against them, your group or just you have all the money in the bank! (What do you do!?)

This competition is under the Rule nr. 01 - (Game Competition Info)
One lucky winner will be drawn in this competition.
This competition will expire 22.08.2014 - (The competition is now closed)
Those who win will be contacted by those who Sponsor this competition.
The game will be handed on PC through Steam.
To aid delivery through Steam friend one of the Sponsors.
To see Sponsor list refer to main blog here.

Sponsor of this competition is: Kark-Jocke

~ I wish you good luck and may the best win ~


1: Zastava M21 and yes. Preferable Dragon Skin.

2: Alone. More fun for me and more money for me. Others would only slow me down.

3: Is both an option? If I can't have all the money I'd blow it up so no one else can have it and if I can blow up some federal agents on my way out then even better. Might serve as a nice destruc- eh I mean distraction.

What happens next? Well, I'll leave that up to your imagination.

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1. Shredifier ( Borderlands) and yes, T-51B Armour (Fallout) So I can **** my self (When I'm scarred and then it turns into fresh drinking water (When I'm sweating).

2. With people my idea team would be Darth Vader and Batman. Darth Vader can choke people and swing his lightsaber while Batman uses his martial arts skills and Batarangs.

3. We fight to the last stand I mean who the **** wants to mess with batman and Darth Vader? xD It would go down with Batman on the celling drown smokes pellets and throwing Batarangs while Darth Vader Force choking everyone he sees (Pretty OP team xD) and me using my gun at the people coming in.

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1. 500 S&W, and no. Shirtless is best.

2. I would bring one trustworthy friend along, since it is more fun with him.

3. We would get into an all-out slugfest with the coppers, it would be worth it.

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1. A Thompson M1928 with drum mag should do wonders, despite its age. As for body armour, a simple kevlar vest would be enough. You'd die anyhow.

2. Together. One team against impossible odds should at least amplify the chances a little bit, maybe one of us could pull it off alive and we'd just assume the whole scenario was just a death wish competition.

3. Hold 'em off. As long as possible. Get one man to do what he does best to get whatever the amount of money there is in the bank, while some of us will fight to the death.

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1. Predator Bow (Crysis 3) and the Nanosuit 2.0 (Crysis 2). Who wouldn't love to use a bow like that, plus stealth :D

2. Rob the bank alone. I already have a nanosuit why would I need help? Plus I get full "Prophet" haha, get it? no? okay :c

3. I'd take what I can get and just head for another bank :D

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Ok, so here are my answers:

01: As a weapon I would preferably go for an Galil ACE 22 because it is reasonably powerful for it's purpose. Of course with the standard 5.56 FMJ bullets in a 35 round capacity magazine. For the body armour I would go for the "Sphere" like series of Russian combat helmets issued to some counter-terrorist police unit and a bullet resistant vest. Preferably a black coloured former USMC-issued MTV with all the addons to protect the torso and have space for 4 mags for the Galil.

02: I would go alone. Because You Once Live Once? (YOLO). Actually I would must have been in a really desperate sitution to try and rob a bank. Less people is a robber team is a lesser signature to capture and the threat from being backstabbed is null. Plus it would interesting to see an attempt of 1 man to terrorise the security guards (assume this bank has them).

03: I would simply ran away unless I would have frag or CS gas grenades at the disposal. No point in fighting an overwhelming and better prepared force for the sake of few more bucks in the bags (or pockets, whatever).

Is the first question reserved only to 1 weapon & armour type to choose?

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Q1 I would use a riot shield and armor.

Q2 I would play with mates

Q3 I would approach some minutes taking money and then waiting FBI to come, standing on the street wipping them out

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