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A review of that for me is one of my preffered game characters.

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When you hear about Twisted metal series probably the first thing that comes in mind is Sweet Tooth. You know, not all videogame chracters are badass such as Sweet Tooth, ok ok, Kratos is really badass, but Sweet Tooth has something more, he has a more complex and dark story.

From what I know and saw principally from Twisted Metal Black, Sweet Tooth was an driver from an ice cream van, but also he was a serial killer, when many people were dying, police was trying to investigate further, and they found him, of what I know, he have been killed someway somehow and was cursed so he never would rest in piece and everyday his pains would get worse.

Anyways, after winning the tournament in TW: Black, he decided not to live again and continue killing people, such a dark story huh? Also, he is really scary, with a smile clown face and flames on the top of his head, he really made me have nightmares when I was a kid.

He is the mascot from Twisted Metal Series and I think he could get a chance to be the mascot for Playstation, but we all think that this place deserves to Crash Bandicoot. For me Sweet Tooth is the one of the best and scary looking game chraacters of all time, with a "dark side" that only Twisted Metal would bring.

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