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An Update on what we've been doing for the past month

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So what we were doing was more of the same more animations and world creation but I'll get the more important thing out of the way first. Ryan finally made the amazon payments account (^u^)yaaay, but he didn't sync his bank account yet (_ _)........ which is the reason why you need it, but looking back it was probably for the best that we didn't launch the kickstarter with that video of mostly landscape when we have something to base the game off of now. presentation is key. And its also a bit disheartening to find out kickstarter success's are decreasing... but anyway here are the updates:

/////////////////////////////////////////mostly world creation/////////////////////

*expanded Lore

*Complete overhaul of the galos castles(are now larger and more expansive)
*Added city-Galos_Anaphault
*rendered concrete torches to light the pathways

*modeled new enemies
*Halberd knight
*Shield knight
*spriggan (peon)
*spriggan (soldier)

*Dialoge system

and a bit of concept art. I dont really like doing concept art since I 3d model on the fly but we have to do it cuz we listed it as an artbook reward for kickstarter, so theres a bit of it on the IndieDB page.
We'll probly be working on lore and NPC's for the dialogue system now.
Till next time.

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