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An update on what we've been doing for the past couple weeks on Aylus.

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With the Galos update 0.5 we've Added-

  • First Person, Third Person, Oculus Camera to be toggled by a button (we've currently mapped to control) ( Personal note. Even though we are making this game mainly FP, TP looks a bit better in our eyes for some reason) (Thinking about making Oculus TP that'd be weird).

  • We've done a lot of attack animations for the player and have mapped 9 gestures to the F# buttons-
    Insult(middle finger),
    Threaten(cut throat hand movement),
    IDontKnow(shrug Shoulders),
    Praise (kneeling prayer),
    Challenge(point sword),

Character armor Menu
which we're probly gonna change again to add more stuff but right now-
Rings x3,

All bugs relating to the day night cycle has been fixed

Around a dozen enemies have been made and animated
Caotl (feathered snake)
undead knights,
Blood bug (mosquito),
Blood Bug Queen,
Vessel (zombie-esk but not really)
Sea Monster (via reward but not finished texturing)
Mite (rock monster)

and all will have drops accordingly

*chest is buggy right now but we got em working

Slightly improved AI

Greater Mapping out of the Galos Islands.

*What we're gonna do right now.
1. So if anybody's wondering why we havent showcased armor its because we wanna get all the attack animations or animations in general done ( because most weapons are getting there own unique animations) for the PLYR character because the unity engine wont load in new anamations after an import to the player object so we wont have to ReMap all the areas.
2. Obviously more galos sculpting and filling.
3. Probably gonna get into NPC's and dialogue.
4. fixing of bugs
6. We really want Ryan (person handling the Amazon Payments account( or should be -_-))to at least make the account but he is taking his time to get on that(to an aggravating extent) but i cant really complain since he is a university student and has to worry about that before the game which is why we want to get the kicstarter up so we can focus on it if it is successful.We'll get to it (eventually) but until then we'll keep the updates comin.

~till next week r 2.

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