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Video showing off cannon volleys and the galleon in sail.

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So because I've been so slack in giving updates recently, here is a small update just as I'm trying to build momentum.

Here is a little video I've made showing off the galleon in sail as well as the cannon firing which I've been working on (getting it to fire in volleys etc). I'm fairly pleased with the results and look forward to getting damage and AI cannon firing and stuff working.

And because people have shown interest I've put together a Pirates development playlist - which always gets me in the mood for making the game!

Feel free to add appropriate songs (If you know any good sessions, jigs, reel etc) though I'd rather people keep away from adding rock or metal. Obviously Alestorm are awesome, but I don't think it's quite the right kind of mood. Anyone who adds any Running Wild needs to be shot.

Anyway, enjoy!

angelcs - - 276 comments

nice will it also be a multiplayer mod?

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valatmir - - 413 comments

I hope both

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Chezzlor - - 860 comments

wow this looks amazing! Good stuff!

Hope everything goes as planned! :D

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Otreum - - 767 comments

This looks awesome on every level, there will be some fun to be had with this mod on release that's for sure!
Keep up this wonderful work. It's nice to see modders taking an extra leap ahead of the modding community to do something unique. Well done :)

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Torabi - - 376 comments

Been waiting for this mod. Looks great, can't wait to play it.

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Lt_Veron - - 209 comments

yaaaar haaaar you scurvy dog

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EradiusLore - - 9 comments

looks really good, but youve got **** taste in music, running wild are ******* awesome pirate music

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CaptainTobbi - - 19 comments

Im sad that you would not add Alestorm, but i was expecting to put on Alestorm my self, and play the game, though im sure you would be adding some awesome pirate music, expecting irish and scottish(though without alestorm).
But i would recommend "Of Treasure", and "Flower of Scotland" by Alestorm, it's not really as 'metal' as the rest of their music, and you can hear the 'piratish instruments' mutch better.
I'd also say: "Flogging Molly" - the band, though im not sure they have made any pirate music, it does sound a little like Dropkick Murphys, just better in my opinion.

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orangeduck Author
orangeduck - - 16 comments

Yeah, feel free to create your own playlists. Good point about Of Treasure and Flower of Scotland - I'll add those.

Perhaps I should create an alternative playlist with all the metal and celtic rock like Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys.

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Shoelip - - 463 comments

Impressive... Most impressive...

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Tengil - - 45 comments

:D:D this is like sid meiers pirates 2 by the looks of it :P

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HerculesTarace - - 1 comments


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endlesskush - - 7 comments

When does this come out looks great looking forward to it

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yordany - - 2 comments

hey is this mod out because it not giving me the opsion of donlowing plz tell me

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Carosive - - 1 comments

is this mod out yet?

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Lynx014 - - 48 comments

the ship model looks better than the models of "Caribbean!"

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Guest - - 698,751 comments

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