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Just a bit of an update on how the gallente faction is coming along.

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Right, so i've completed the amarrian faction apart from the station, all the frigates, cruisers and capital ships are in game and working fine, the drones and bombers are done and working in game to. You'll find that not all the big ships will spawn fighters and theres actaully 3 "light" drone types, interceptor, anti shield and heavy fighter, these will spawn from the cruiser carrier and the battleships, you then have the heavy fighter and heavy bomber spawning from the capital carrier ships. The shielding on the battleships and capital ships are very heavy duty so you'll need the drone's to take down those shield hardpoints as otherwise cruisers and frigates wont stand much of a chance. I have got the amarr station into game its just not fully hard pointed yet for each tech level, though it is only 1 model, and each tech level is just going to have more armaments adding to it, rather than normal eaw where you get addon's to the station i cant do this with the eve stations unless i completed re made a model, which i'm not going to as im very happy with the station model.

The gallente faction is coming along nicely now as you can see from the screen shots, i have all the ships in game apart from the fighters and drones, though not all the ships work properly yet as they need the code finsihing off. What im aiming to do is hopefully once the faction is in and working fully i'd like some people to alpha test to get a feel for if i need to tweak anything before i do a beta release, as i'd like to release a bit of a demo of just the 2 working factions so far and then get feedback on what you'd like to see how it could be changed etc.. etc....
so i'll be posting in the next few weeks lookin for alpha testers so keep an eye out.

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