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Freelancer Galaxy at War is the biggest Modding Project(More than 1,3GB)

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211 New Solars and 700 New Ships from famous Scifi Series and Films(Battlestar Galactica,Babylon 5,Stargate Sg1 and Atlantis,Star Treck Tng,Ds9,Voyager,Starwars,Homeworld 1-2).
New Chaharacters from famous Scifi Series and Films
Most Bugs in Freelancer have been Fixed
New Sound for Equipments and Weapons
50 New Weapons (level 1- 10)
Higly Iproved Graphics
New Visal Effects
Destructable Universe
New Equipments and Commodities
Spining Planets
New Freelancer Design
New Intro
New Music for Systems and Bars
More Npc Encounters
New Cursors(From the Film Predator)
New Cityscapes
New Bars
Missons with new Ships
New Hangars
New Planets
41 New System

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