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Over the next few days I will be posting the other unit lists for the other factions. These are the space and land units the Empire will use by tech. There might be changes to it, keep your eye open!

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Galactic Empire:

Space Units:

Tech 1
-Arc-170 fighter-bomber
-IPV-1 patrol craft
-KDY Trireme corvette (Kuat only)
-Acclamator-I cruiser

Tech 2
-Arquitens light cruiser
-Dreadnaught heavy cruiser
-Munifex light cruiser (Kuat only)

Tech 3
-TIE Fighter
-TIE Bomber
-Nebulon-B frigate (Kuat only)
-Gladiator star destroyer

Tech 4
-Invincible heavy cruiser (Rendili only)
-Venator star destroyer
-Victory-I star destroyer

Tech 5
-Imperator star destroyer
-Gat 12 skipray fighter-bomber
-Torpedo Sphere (Loronar only)

Kuat Advanced Shipyards(Buildable only over Kuat)
-Tector star destroyer
-Praetor-I Battlecruiser
-Mandator-II star dreadnought

Death Star Prototype


Tech 1
-Emperor Palpatine
-Commander Cody
-Moff Tarkin
-Darth Vader

Tech 3
-General Romodi
-Admiral Terrinald Screed
-Delta Squad

Tech 4
-Octavian Grant
-Admiral Yularen


Tech 1
At Barracks
-Stormtrooper Squad (2 squads of 9)
-Stormtrooper missile squad
-Barc Speeder bikes
At Light Vehicle Factory

Tech 2
At Barracks
-Stormtrooper Platoon (4 squads of 9)
At Light Vehicle Factory
At Officer Academy
-Stormtrooper Commander

Tech 3
At Light Vehicle Factory
-Saber Tank
-Sphmat artillery
At Heavy Vehicle Factory

Tech 4
At Barracks
-Heavy weapons squad
-Imperial Commando squad
At Inquisitorious Training Facility
At Heavy Vehicle Factory
-LAAT gunship
At Advanced Vehicle Factory

Tech 5
At Barracks
-501st Stormtrooper legion
At Inquisitorious Training Facility
-High Inquisitor
At Advanced Vehicle Factory


This will be a great Mod for this awesome game can't wait!!!

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