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The online features are finally available as Beta version to everyone! Explore the galaxy with friends, craft new equipment, upgrade your weapon turrets and improve your crew's skills!

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Dear players,

I am excited to announce that the latest update has became available sooner than expected! I spent the last weeks testing the current build and I just uploaded it to the test branch. That means, it won't be automatically available for you, but the update is public for testing. If you want to beta test the Online update, right-click on Galactic Crew II in your Steam library, select "Properties..." from the context menu and choose "Test" as branch on the "Beta" tab. Now, the game should update itself and you are good to go. The update will leave Beta state and become a regular update in a couple of weeks if no major bugs are found or any found bugs have been resolved. Here is the content of the latest update.

Online features

In order to use the online features, click on the new "Online" button in the main menu and select the top-most option. If you want to auto-send any error logs, please select the second option, too. Now, the red "Offline" test on the left side of the main menu should switch to a green "Online". You should also see this switch when you start the game in the future.

Online features

Next, when you start a new game, you have the new option to start in a persistent universe. You share this universe with any other player who decided to play online. The benefits and rules for this role are a mix of the pre-existing roles. You play without threat, but you have to explore the galaxy. Since this galaxy is shared, all players will find the same planets and systems, but everyone starts at a random location in it!

Persistent universe

Planetary outposts behave in the same way as in singleplayer games with two major exceptions. First, you can visit other player outposts when you discover them and second, you can create a communication relay in space around your outpost. This feature is only available in the persistent universe and enables you to create sell contracts when you are the owner or purchase goods and items from the owner, if you are a visitor. It basically serves as a trade platform between players.

Weapon and mining turret upgrades

With this update, you can create upgrades for weapon turrets and mining turrets. You need specific gemstones in order to craft them in your outpost's workshop or in your spaceship using a item processor. They work like the firearm upgrades that are already available.


Advanced officer careers

You can have up to three officer's quarters in your ship and you can have up to one officer per officer's quarters. Nothing is going to change here, but you have now the option to upgrade your officer to one of two different advanced classes once they reach level 10.


Depending on your choice, you will get a bonus to one of your officer class skills. This bonus stacks with any ranks you put into this skill before.

Skill overview

A new skill overview in the bottom right corner shows you all non-default skill modifiers.


In this instance, the healing modifier is 1.26, meaning that you heal 26% more than an unskilled crewman (or woman or robot).

New planetary content

I have added over a dozen new maps for different scenarios. They are automatical in the pool for new planets for you to explore and you can also use them to design your own content in the level editor.


I invested quite some time in making new assets for planets. The bigger the asset pool the more unique are the planets you are visiting. Below are three examples of over 30 new assets that will be new.




Buff Food

You are now able to gather more natural resources when you visit dungeons and planets including different types of spices and mushrooms as well as the already available types of meat. Combine them at an item processor or workshop to make delicious new buff foods.


These buff foods last until you quit a game or eat another food!

New items

There are many more new items including new pieces of jewelry that boost your skills! Find them by looting your enemies or craft them yourself.



  • A text in the crew overview shows the profession and specialization of the selected crew member
  • There are now buttons to filter your crafting recipes in crafting dialogs
  • Added new option to show names of your characters
  • Firearms with added modules sell for more credits
  • If you are in a system with a mission, the location in this mission now shows "Current system"
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