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It's time for a new update, this time we'll focus on what we've achieved with new Unity 5 and how the development is progressing.

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Unity 5

With the launch of Unity 5 we've been able to do all sorts of things we've wanted since we started Galactic Conquerors. Most of things you'll notice are graphic related, but there's improvements under the hood also which make your experience better. The new versio from the engine provided also a huge performance boost which means more eye candy for you!

Release 0.4d

We're planning to release new version soon with the multiplayer possibilities, however we have to do last user interface integrations before we can launch the demo. While you're playing you might see use using the chat console from time to time. As we're currently using only one server for the hosting, you'll see the advanced features there, including user names. For the next release we're planning to have a change for you to play with us the game with new maps. We'll inform about the event later on.

Development screenshots

Dev screenshot 2

Testing the destroy effects in multiplayer mode, works like a charm!

Dev screenshot 1

New shaders within the multiplayer map that's going to be launched with 0.4d

For more screenshots during development, follow us in Twitter. We post every good screenshot in there first! Our Twitter address is:

New Effects

As mentioned above, we can now add more eye candy and have already started to work on those. The grapchical changes contain illumin shaders to ships and destroy effects for all the units. Check out the video and tell us your opinion about them!

Download 0.35 Single player Demo

Download the demo now. Note we don't officially support Linux yet (even if we imply so in the information here) as we've got a minimum amount of testing done in Linux. If you wish to have a Linux build contact us at and we'll send the build for you.

System Requirements

The system requirements listed below are only rough estimates.0.35 Release Notes

  • Dual Core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GB GPU RAM (Runs on Intel HD 3000)
  • 700 MB Free HDD Space


Galactic Conquerors 0.35 (OSX)  Single Player Demo


Galactic Conquerors 0.35 (Win) Single Player Demo

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