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Two new updates have been released: 1.6.3 for Star Ruler and 1.6.4 for Star Ruler

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The best kind of bugs are no bugs.

Galactic Armory 1.6.3 and 1.6.4 have been released. 1.6.3 fixes a lot of bugs and as well as the previously broken armor mechanics and balancing. 1.6.3 also introduces the fourth selectable shiptset, which is based on the Terrakin shipset.

New Shipset variant for 1.6.3: Terrakin (Green)
You can find more screenshots in the image gallery.

If your game version is, you should download Galactic Armory 1.6.4. If you're a STEAM user and still on, it is advised to download 1.6.3 instead (until the patch is released on STEAM).

Download locations:

Download at ModDB: Download

Download 1.6.3 for SR 1072 at mediafire: Download
Download 1.6.4 for SR 1074 at mediafire: Download
Download at BMS: Download


Version 1.6.4

  • Compatibility: Improved support for Star Ruler

Version 1.6.3:

  • Compatibility: Support for Star Ruler ONLY
  • Fixed: The spaceport level was showing up as a combination of Cargo and Economics, effectively doubling the level shown
  • Fixed: Resource generation was way too high because of an error in main_menu.xml (2.0 instead of 0.175)
  • Fixed: Several AIs did not use their largest ships due to a wrong goal definition
  • Fixed: Jump Drive maximum jump range wasn't shown correctly in the blueprint editor
  • Fixed: Jump Drive wasn't working correctly (no jump order was given)
  • Fixed: Rebuilt the Knight AI based on the Defender since it wasn't working correctly
  • Changed: Reworked default blueprints. Most have greatly increased range, as well as better compatibility for lower level gain curve settings (officially supported: 1.2 and up)
  • Changed: Redesigned the various AI Colony Ships to be more in line with the new default ones (i.e. infinite range)
  • Changed: Removed Repair Tool restriction for armed ships
  • Changed: Oversize Mount is now scalable
  • Changed: Changed default values for remnant density and strength. Density was reduced from 0.3 to 0.1, strength was increased from 1.0 to 3.0
  • Changed: Anti-Surface Warhead and Fighter ASW are now available at Projectile Weapons and Missile Weapons level 1
  • Changed: Moved Weapon Range settings to new game menu tab 'Advanced 1'
  • Changed: Moved Research gain and cost curve settings to new game menu tab 'Research & Economy'
  • Changed: Increased default subsystem HP multiplier from 0.5 to 1.0
  • Changed: Terrakin shipset engine flare color was changed from light to dark blue
  • Changed: Increased standard value for resource generation from 0.175 to 0.250 to prevent a complete economical collapse during the initial expansion phase
  • Balance: Increased Repair Tool metal consumption
  • Balance: Incrased Repair Tool and Facilities repair efficiency
  • Balance: Changed armor Durability and DamageReduction values
  • Balance: Modified DamageReduction formula (Plate, Ablative, Nano and Powered Armor)
  • Balance: Modified Reactive Armor damage reduction formula
  • Balance: Reduced Spinal Mount and Gargantuan Hull bonuses for linked weapons: Damage and Delay Multipliers down to 3.0, Range Multiplier to 2 (same stat changes as size 4 oversize mount)
  • Balance: Added ammo/power cost penalty to Coolant System
  • Balance: Increased Gatling Turret damage, clip size, projectile speed and effective range, but reduced maximum range
  • Added: Introduced new GAME_RELOAD_MULT variable, which is used as configurable multiplier for all weapons' rate of fire. Is set to 0.75 by default
  • Added: New sub-shipset: Second terrakin color variant with modified glowmaps (green/magenta)
  • Removed: Level Health Gain setting was removed from new game settings since it is no longer used
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