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Galactic Armory 1.5 for Star Ruler - Fixes and balance tweaks - New subsystems

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Galactic Armory 1.5 for Star Ruler has been released!


  • Fixed: Superlaser did not work because of wrong value designation
  • Balance: Artillery gains only range from link modifiers
  • Added: Gravitic Accelerator projectile weapon. Powerful, instant-hit, low ammo consumption, can not attack planets
  • Added: Multiplier for planetary damage resistance in settings.txt and structures.txt
  • Added/Changed various graphics
  • Added: Anti-surface weapons (Anti-Surface Warhead, NBC Warhead, Planet Buster)
  • Balance: Particle weapons (Ion Beam, Antimatter Projector, Particle Cannon) deal 20% more damage towards shields
  • Added: Heliocide Hull. Superweapon that can easily destroy a star. Mininum size 1000, no weapons allowed.
  • Balance: Trait "Currency-free economy" now provides a boost in mining/production rates, but only 2 instead of 4 trait points. Ammo fabricators and repair subsystems now also work correctly when this trait is selected.
  • Added: 4 new traits: "Antimatter Phobia", "Nanomachine Disaster", "Highly Religious", "Code of Honor"
  • Added: Laser (Pulsed) and Gatling Turret
  • Fixed: Planets now have the same amount of maximum hp with realistic generation as planets have with vanilla generation
  • Balance: Shields and Shield Armor were too strong; Anti-shield weapons were too weak
  • Balance: Added 1054 vanilla min range to Artillery
  • Changed: Switched AoE damage handling from old script, which enumerates all objects in a system, to triggerables. Cannot check for ownership of the targets anymore, though.
  • Changed: Main menu options in both advanced tabs from slider to input fields
  • Added: New "Clip Extension" subsystem that boosts the clipsize of missile rack type weapons and pulsed laser / gatling turret
  • Added: Fortress Hull
  • Fixed: Shield generators, hardeners and pulsed chargers were using a wrong formula for shield absorption

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