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Today's update includes a number of bugfixes and quality improvements.

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently very tired and I suck at devlogs so I'm just gonna run through some bullet points here real quick about what's new in Galactagirl version 0.12!

  • Galactagirl physics refactored - movement and jumping physics are quite different now, but are much more "Sonic"-like. Much better acceleration and turnaround speed!
  • Target collision system refactored - Ughhh. After many headaches I hope I finally have a more fool-proof checking system which should shunt you away from solids if you get stuck in them after using the target/zoom attack. Please work.
  • Grinding physics improvements - generally snappier/more responsive.
  • Boss attacks and glitches fixed - Some of the boss' attacks were failing to trigger which has been fixed. Missing sound fx in boss fight also fixed.
  • Score screen sped up - just sped up the values for the score count screen to get through it a bit quicker.
  • Screenshake values toned down - Ahh, much better :)
  • Water visibility and performance improved - Much easier to see in water now, and should cause less slowdown.
  • Room transition drawing band-aid fix - Some room transitions were drawing funky. Stage 3 should be fixed now, and stage 4 has a band-aid fix to make it look a little more palatable. Room and transition drawing is currently being completely redone for the full game build, so stay tuned for updates on this front!
  • Added Galactagirl stage opening and closing animations - IT'S SO FRIGGIN' COOL!
  • General level geometry and enemy collision improvements - yada yada yada, etc.
  • Updated splash screen - shiny new logo on the splash screen, it's nice ;)

The response to the demo so far has been really great and I am very humbled by all the kind words and feedback! But the GG train ain't stopping anytime soon so keep that feedback coming in and we can make this the greatest game we can :D

Thanks again peeps!

Cosmic Crystal Games

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