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This week's update features a number of important fixes and improvements!

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Hey everyone,

First off I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to check out and download Galactagirl! The respone has been awesome and the feedback provided so far has been very helpful in making this the best game that I can. Secondly, I would like to apologize for the poor experience provided by v0.12. It has a number of a collision issues and crashes that can break the game and this leads to an overall poor experience for the player. But, I have been hard at work listening to feedback and implementing new systems in hopes of alleviating these isses! So without further ado, v0.13 is here! Here is the changelist for the update:

- New collision checking system for exiting target lock and loop states
- Fixes for crashes/hangs caused by particle generation
- Fixed hoverboard section and impossible spawning bugs
- Updated boss behaviour
- Changed Galactagirl damage values/balancing
- Optimizations for texture/background/music loading
- Added analog stick support for gamepads
- Fixed infinitely respawning enemies in tutorial area
- Adjusted sound fx, new hub level music
- Fixed invisible player bug on exiting levels
- Can no longer take the hoverboard with you when you exit Stage 4

After extensive playtesting this seems to be a pretty solid fix for those experiencing game-breaking issues. Hope this improves the game experience for everyone and make sure to keep that feedback coming! I ain't going anywhere and neither is Galactagirl ;)

As usual, you can stay tuned at any of my channels for updates on the demo and the full release!

Cosmic Crystal Games

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