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A new small update was made to the maps on the server. G10.4 by ImperialKaskins. These maps are LIVE Today!

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I am pleased to announce that the map version G10.4 has been released today with a lot of issue solve.
The server is running G10 maps which they are all actually G10.4 maps.
Your client if you have it installed will download a few minor files when joining the server.

Changes have been made are
Overall Changes:

  • Refillpad/V-Tol, Service Depot, Helipad and Silo that require to capture cannot place a beacon at its location.
  • Added buildings power restore back to the spawn goodies that is missing since official G10 release.
  • Added new defense called Coastal Guns for GDI and Nod
  • Remodel and retexture the Advanced Guard Tower and the Laser Turret
  • Fixex Laser Turred and Advanced Guard Tower horming target.
  • Slightly improve Hawkeye Ramjet to deal more damage to infantry and light armored vehicle.
  • Reduce the damage of ballistic rifles by half due to changes made to Templar/Marauder.
  • Heavy Tank double barrel and single barrel speed buff slightly.
  • Destroyer Range reduce from 200 to 185 to balance out with the shore gun range which is 180.
  • Added Purchase Terminals on 2nd floor of the Naval yard on maps WITHOUT aircraft like Lake_Garden and Cold_Waters.
  • M15 Anti Tank Mines and Centipede Anti Tank mines now have limit up to 44 mines limit per team. Does not affect count on proximity mines.
  • Tesla Tank splash damage reduce from 3 to 1.
  • Fixed a major issue when stealth tank rush cannot kill AGT.

Map Changes:

  • Added 2 missing mammoth tank wreck.
  • Relocate sentry gun behind GDI barracks to prevent walking collision issue.
  • Added 4 more random power-ups in the middle of the square.


  • Replace Nod Laser Turret at the refinery by replacing with a DHsK sentry gun similar to GDI refinery where there is a sentry gun.
  • Added 10 more tree's in the midfield.
  • Readjust the GDI AGT location a bit.


  • Rotate 90 degree angle for the PT in the building on the hill.
  • Fix some VIS issue.

Picture below are the new or updated model

Join and play 2DAY! Thanks

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