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In the aftermath of the initial port of the FXmod from HW2C to HWRM, the developers gathered to discuss the future of the mod and answer some of your most frequently submitted questions.

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Below is a series of comments the developers of the FXmod gave in response to fan questions about the mod. You can consider these as the "blueprint" for the FXmod in HWRM, and where it will be going from here on out.

About FX:Galaxy: Goals & Ambitions

In the future, we will mainly focus on our primary goal: the RPG mode. Meanwhile, we will continue to finish six balanced races, remaster models, and further define each race's tech tree. In addition, as more and more models are created, we will also add new races (like Bentusi and Kushan). These races may not have a complete building sequence, so they won't be part of the balanced six-race system. Balancing them is not our top priority, we make them as part of this mod only for fun, and label them unbalanced.

So, the four main contents included in FX:Galaxy will be:

  1. Traditional RTS style skirmish PvP (Multiplayer) mode with six well-balanced races, each one have unique units. Good to play a PVP or PVE mode.
  2. Ability to play as other unbalanced/unfinished races in skirmish/PvE (vs. CPU) mode for fun.
  3. More mini-campaigns, game modes, and other extras, such as the Eden mission, Bentusi survival mode and Legendary Fleet survival mode.
  4. RPG mode. Stay tuned to see this main content we are going to develop for FX:Galaxy!


While the focus of FX:Galaxy is on the upcoming singleplayer/RPG mode, the Multiplayer mode will not be forgotten. The balancing of the Hiigaran/Vaygr will be completed, and we welcome and appreciate all further suggestions for feedback regarding the current races. These can be posted at our “forum” tab (ModDB) or at our “discussions” tab (Steam).

Unit Models/Textures

9ccN wrote:

We can divide the ship models used in the FXmod models into five types:

1. Ported models from HW1Classic (e.g. Taiidan and Turanic strikecraft). Most of these have already replaced by gbx's models. Some custom models (TUR Bomber and Azrael Attacker etc.) will need to be updated still.

2. Simple edited classic models (example: Keeper with capture points). We will replace them as soon as we can edit GBX's models.

3. Kitbashed models based on classic ones (example: HGN Light Cruiser). Since GBX are quite opposite on doing so, we have no choice but to use what we have right now until we figure out a way to upgrade these to HWRM quality.

4. FXmod remastered custom models (e.g. Turanic Attack Carrier, Kadeshi Mothership and many Taiidan ships). We originally made these as HQ HW2 models (you could say HW2.5 textures). in HWRM, GBX also remastered them, so we are hoping you could tell us which one you prefer. As for which one will be used finally, that depends on the creators of these FX models.

5. Completely original models (e.g. KAD Nagual and KPR frigates). We intended to remaster all our custom models as said above, but right now no one can promise when these models will be remastered.

In the future, many more original models will be created in FX:G, and we believe that their quality will be much better on hw remastered. However, the third kind of models are still cheap and easy to remain style. so we won't give up creating models this way.

thank you

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