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About Game: In a world, where no man has survived, there lived nice robots. They created a creaky civilization of their own and kept trying to imitate human beings… with rather lousy results. They lived in a metal city full of bizarre devices in peace and harmony, until one day, due to unknown reasons, one of them got reprogrammed to “Evil” mode. He started turning other robots off and chopping the round suburban trees down.

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The story begins, when the main character Rust, a small, silly robot, and his wife are constructing their son. They get attacked by a reprogrammed robot named Bad. Due to their small size, they don’t stand a chance against him. Rust’s wife Eva is deprived of her power source, which causes her to turn off. Rust tries to protect her, but to no avail. He gets torn into two pieces and lands far away from his home. Thankfully, he still has his power source. Rust will have to get himself together and go on a journey to save his loved one.

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