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Welcome back everyone,

Its been two months that no updates have been made or posted. Just because I am busy or lazy, I don't know. But now, I have bigger future plans for this mod.


I have now planned to turn this mod into an free indie game, instead of a mod. So, you won't need an old game from 19th century to play this. This really reduce the game's requirements, you may think like this. Actually nope, if you own old video cards. As this will use high-end engine.


Currently, I have a list of engines I want to use. Here is the list:

Unreal Engine 3
Unity 3D
idTech 5 (RAGE toolkit)
idTech 4
Avalanche Engine
IW Engine

Some of them are not released yet, anyway. But I am not wanting to use this LD goldsource anymore even with trinity for this GIGANTIC project. Also, I may be using ENB series for better graphics.


I want to tell you some features you'll see.

- the gameplay will be as long as 1/4 of the development time.
- two endings, one good and one bad.
- even though there are no living things, there will be enemies, like moving crates, rushing cars (with no driver) and running blades.
- backtracking
- full first-person view
- aims to represent loneliness and depression rather than horror.
- multiplayer mode which aims to let the players to solve puzzles that must be completed together.
- the maps are fully expanded with realistic triggers which makes the game nearly open-world.
- super- realistic graphics

well, maybe its enough for you. The demo is in development. Thanks for reading this.


I think that for the best open-world experience you should choose the cryENGINE.

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If you want to remain loyal to the hl community you should probably switch to source. If u want another editing friendly environment perhaps choose unreal engine3 or ID tech.

However with any engine change you will start back by zero. Also keep in mind those other engines don't bring entities along. You will have to code all npcs yourself so unless you're a coder - model & texture animator you should probably stick with half-life. Even for the goal of your mod for going without monsters it's probably still recommendable to stick with gold source.

If your decision has just been made due to the recent steam update switch back to WON half-life for the time being or get Xash3D an engine for half-life that doesn't require steam only some files of the valve & or gearbox folder. And seriously what half-life fan cares about super realistic graphics? I don't.

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I've always liked Gold Source even though alot of modders and some players keep trumpeting on how outdated & superflous it is. If its easy to make it on another engine then go for it, if its more difficult and ultimatetly requires you to start over from scratch, then don't.

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