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Haven't updated in a while, and it seems like we are back to square one :(

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Well, it seems as though the people who said they would help least I think. Anyway, the mod is not dead, just now at a more sluggish rate. Plus, I only have MORE ideas for the mod. OK, so here are my ideas so far, see if you guys like them.

  • CS:S Models, making them look more like militant forces than a ragtag group of survivors.
  • Russian voice acting *VERY iffy, I don't know any one who has a Russian accent, let alone four, and a girl, and this will take A LOT of time to replace all the voices*
  • A new survival map, based on the Red Square in Moscow.
  • A promo video *Once again iffy, I don't know how to make the models do what I want. ie. making them run, stand, fire, etc.*

So, I still have a lot to learn, and I hope you guys could help in the process.

Kevin Ward

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